Sunday, December 7, 2014


Creating a blog to share stories, knowledge and my discoveries as model railroader has been at the back of my mind for a while now.  While discussing a subject on one of my favorite Yahoo Groups, the NICKELPLATEROADmodeler, I offered to help others use a website for retrieving historical aerial imagery. One way I could easily share this information outside of the boundaries of a Yahoo Groups membership was to finally make a blog.

Look for how to use the USGS Earth Explorer website very soon as I get comfortable with this blogging thing!

Here's a photo to end my first post on this blog. The location is Adena, Ohio taken on April 9, 2014 during a research gathering trip I took to the area. Once a small yard in the heart of the W&LE's coal country, Adena was a hot spot of activity for mine runs and included a wye to two branch lines, the AC&NA and the Adena Railroad, each serving multiple mines. I plan to wind the clock back about 60 years on this view as I post progress on my HO Scale Adena layout!

The remains of Adena Yard. Looking East down the mainline toward Dillonvale. The concrete post near the Adena sign is all that remains of the Train Order signal. The old Steelox Freight House still stands to the right. 4-9-2014 Chris Ellis photo

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