Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wordless Wednesday #76

NKP 927 (ex-W&LE 4320) switches at Terminal Junction near Martins Ferry, OH sometime between 1951-55. This is the eastern terminus of the W&LE's Toledo mainline.


  1. Greetings Chris ... thank you for continuing to post great pictures regarding the NKP and leased roads such as the WLE. I haven't seen many "pics" of the Terminal Junction area so these are much appreciated. It is also great to see the progress you are making - and the enthusiasm for - the outstanding layout you are building ... continued best wishes!

    1. Thanks again Jim! Yes, the Terminal Junction/Martins Ferry area certainly seems to be on the less photographed spectrum of the Wheeling system. I believe this might be a Chuck Yungkurth photo who recently passed away. Info is in Gene's P48 Blog, which can be found on my favorite blog sidebar.