Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Construction Report: September 20, 2016

The Fast Tracks turnout machine is at notch eight as I crank out switches for Adena area. A fresh package containing 99 feet of Micro Engineering code 70 rail helps feed the machine every night after dinner. I try to at least build one and start a second on the days I work, occasionally I actually get two completed. My days off haven't been as productive as I've hoped but I've managed to keep the level of production steady.

I still need to build four #8 left handed curved turnouts using only the paper Fast Tracks templates like in Not So Wordless Wednesday #78 for the east Adena Yard ladder. In the meantime I'm doing a pretty fine job of procrastinating by building the easy fixture guided #6 turnouts. Sadly I only need three more of those #6's.

The turnout pile so far.

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