Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Wordless Wednesday #101

Here are a couple of the models I displayed at the 2016 NKPHTS Convention in Bellevue this past October. These are simply Accurail kits with PanPastel weathering and Dollar Tree black sand coal loads.


  1. Excellent modeling and excellent photography! Thanks for sharing your fine work with us Chris.

    Jim Talbott
    Canton, MI

  2. Hi Chris great looking hopper loads...tried some of that PanPastels and it is great stuff...will have to check out Dollar Tree for black sand...will it be OK to share this post on the WRD, I think there are lot of modelers out there that might want to see this view once again...George Dutka

    1. Hi George thanks for visiting! I'd be honored if you shared anything on WRD.

    2. Thanks Chris...will post on weekend or early next week...cheers...George