Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December Update

Sorry for the lack of real updates recently. Life in general, the holidays and a bathroom remodel project have diverted my attention lately. Not to say I haven't done anything in the basement, little things here and there have been accomplished. A couple new benchwork supports have been added, a homemade switch tie jig was created and I built 30 of the nearly 55 wood trestle bents needed for various bridges. A few weeks ago I also placed an order with Cascade Rail Supply for their 30 degree branchline homasote roadbed. Once this arrives I can start laying the mainline through Adena.

But... as you can see below there's some serious house work to do first. I think however I can sneak in a little train work late at night when it gets too loud for hammers and tile cutting.


  1. Chris don't be so "hard" on yourself ... you are making progress and more importantly your priorities are in the right order! Keep on, keeping on!