Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Wordless Wednesday #156

North of Dillonvale on the NYC's LEA&W Branch was Hanna Coal's Piney Fork Mine. Cars were exchanged between the W&LE and NYC at Dillonvale, sometimes coal was sent to be washed at Piney Fork. Note the different sizes of coal being loaded. March 1946


  1. Chip Syme gave a great talk on the LEA&W Piney Fork branch at the NYCSHS convention this past weekend. It was a much bigger operation than I imagined. It is a virtually unknown portion of the NYC.

    Jim Kehn

    1. I would've loved to hear that presentation. I know Chip has a nice story about serving a the Jensie Mine on the LEA&W on

  2. Kerry Kaminski As a young boy my grandfather Andy Kovach worked at Piney Fork Tipple. I remember my dad's lumber company replacing the roof on the men's change room building and I was there the weekend they did the job like 1964. I also was a night watchman at the Piney Tipple in like 1975 and walked the site many times. Most of this the actual tipple area and how they loaded cars with different sizes of coal looks correct. With that said do not remember any homes that were locate that close to the actual tipple operations. As I remember it from Piney into the site the road into the tipple went right by a truck scale (used to record trucks weights there myself) and then about 500 yards directly up to the tipple. There were no home around the entrance into the tipple area. There even was a locked gate right off the local County Road 11 preventing anyone site access. Also no evidence of any home ever along the tipple entrance road that I ever saw. Just my thoughts however.