Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wordless Wednesday #47

NKP Mikado 633 still with her Elesco Feedwater Heater heads north on the Warrenton wye to Mingo Junction, 4-15-1950


  1. Chris,

    Awesome blog. I grew up in Adena and love the old pics of trains on the tracks in town. It really makes me wish we had digital cameras in the 80's.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I wish you had a digital camera back then too, would make my research a little easier!

  3. Great photo. It might just be the angle this photo was taken, but that looks like quite a large tender for a Mikado. It could very well be that they really did put a bigger tender on this particular locomotive different from the one you would normally see on it. Broadway Limited Imports has a nice looking 2-8-2 in NKP #685 and it looks like their tender is quite a bit smaller than the one depicted here.

  4. That type of tender on the 633 is often referred to as the "Berkshire" tender, a little different but similar enough to use one for modeling purposes.
    The 633 is a Light Mikado whose numbers went up to the 669. Starting at 670 to 689 were the ex-W&LE Heavy Mikados. The Broadway Heavy Mikado is a excellent engine and you're right the tenders are too small. I believe the bigger tenders from the 2-6-6-2s were swapped and rebuilt even larger at some point before the NKP lease.

    All that and more will make a good post when I get into reworking a few of my steam engines for the layout.