Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Wordless Wednesday #96

On the AC&NA Branch near Tipple A and the Goodyear Mine (both long gone in this photo) sat Hanna Coal's Offices and Maintenance Buildings. The tracks exit the bottom of the photo and continue west to Tipple E and The Georgetown Prep Plant. Gem of Egypt fan page,


  1. When you drive by there now it's hard to believe that all of that ever existed.

    1. Very true, just some open concrete spaces and a few piles of rubble.

  2. What a "FLASH BACK"! The solid wall on the 3rd floor was our Land Records Vault" and my office was across the hall. The two buildings next to the offices were the "Machine Shops". The long building across the road was the "Garage" (vehicle maintenance) To the left was Reclamation office and the beige building was the warehouse (I think). The Company Store, which was run by Andy Kubetech(?), sat in front of the garage, & it, along with the gas pumps, has been removed. Hundreds of employees worked in the "Georgetown Complex" on daily basis. There is NO sign of LIFE. The orange company trucks are parked, there are NO cars in the employees' parking lot across from the office, and the doors are all CLOSED. It does bring a tear to an EYE to think of all those people, who lost their jobs. I could go on for HOURS, but I better stop & give someone else a chance.