Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wordless Wednesday #138

A couple pieces of flextrack temporarily link the bridge at MP 193.22 with Pine Valley Yard at one end and the temporary mainline through Adena at the other end. Here a pair of NKP Athearn Genesis GP-9's 468 and 483 take advantage of the nearly 60 feet of mainline run. 


  1. Looking Great Chris! Now this will really get your "juices" flowing (as if you needed any help). Just a precursor of what will be one of many terrific scenes ... thanks for sharing and continued best wishes!

  2. Chris, the vantage point used in this picture is used to great advantage. The mind can paint in the terrain and vegetation of the area with little work. It will be great to see what you do with this location and the rest of the "Adena Branch"!