Monday, March 14, 2016

Construction Report: March 14, 2016

Progress continues with the addition of more shelf supports. Nothing fancy, just reused 3/4" plywood or 1x3s on top of a metal shelf bracket to give the future pink foam top a structure to adhere to.

The future Adena Yard
In one place where I did get tricky and used the slotted bracket system again for extra support on the deep wye scene. I attached some of the supports to each other for added strength. So far I can lean on it and also bang my head stooping under it numerous times without issue...

Adena wye bridges area
To finish the corner area I needed a couple more 20" shelf brackets. I luckily found an oddball style on clearance at Lowe's for about 30% off. The only issue was a small hook at their end for the wire shelving system. A cutoff wheel in my Dremel made quick work of these hooks so the wood L-girders could lay flat on top.

Clearance brackets
And here's how everything fits together from below.

I'm getting to the point where I need to put down the pink foam base to start laying out my track plan for Adena which in turn will help further benchwork development. I've had a small redesign of the east end of Adena Yard to avoid impacting the air rights of the washing machine. It's actually an improvement but it would be easier to accomplish if I had the foam base in place.

In the meantime here are some more photos.

Evil Gas Meter
As a side note, the above gas meter has been a pain to design around. Thankfully the gas company came a couple years ago and installed a new unit, so no worries about that happening anytime soon. Still, I'll design the area in front of the gas meter to be removed if the need arises.

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