Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wordless Wednesday #71

One of the more colorful modern day W&LE engines, #6358 an ex-British Columbia SD40-2 is passing through West Akron on April 12, 2016, Chris Ellis photo


  1. Wow Chris ... another "surprise." I didn't even know about this locomotive. Many thanks for sharing this terrific photo!

    1. Yep the Wheeling sure has a rainbow assortment of engines. If you want a HO scale version, Bowser offered the Canadian style GMD SD40-2 in BCOL paint. I'm not sure how you would do the red renumbering and small W&LE name, maybe use the Microscale decal set as a base and some blank decal paper?

      Here's a link to the Boswer SD40-2 page, I'm sure you can still find one around if you were looking ;)

  2. There's some more new power down at Brittain Yard. I'll have to get some pics.