Thursday, July 28, 2016

Modeling Kenwood?

One of the reasons I made a post about the Kenwood Depot and sidings is... Surprise! I'm considering including it on my layout.

I originally had the mainline west of Adena exiting "Stage Left" at the Adena tunnel and ending in a staging yard representing Brewster, Ohio. Due to redesign considerations, now I believe I can move this staging yard to a new location and extend the mainline run by about 20 feet. This allows space for Kenwood and it's sidings, plus room for the Hanna Kenvale Mine mentioned in the blog post. This would add to operations as the Kenvale coal needs to head downhill to Adena and up the AC&NA branch to the Georgetown Prep Plant for cleaning before it heads back west toward Brewster.

To further fan the flames, fellow Nickel Plate Road modeler Jim Kehn wrote to tell me about a Chuck Yungkurth article about the W&LE Kenwood Depot that appeared in a 1960's Railroad Model Craftsman magazine. It almost as if Jim knew what I might be thinking!

A quick Google search, a couple minutes on eBay and several days later a pretty nice copy of the February 1961 RMC came in the mail.

February 1961 RMC Wheeling & Lake Erie Depot by Chuck Yungkurth
I was a little stunned that there weren't any measurements on the depot plans, but the next page had a view of the depot's back side which made up for any disappointment. Having photos or plans of all four sides of a railroad building is a lucky feat sometimes.

We'll see what comes of the mainline extension plans but to have drawings of the depot certainly helps to make a step in that direction.


  1. That's incredible that it was so easy for you to find a 55 year old copy of RMC that easily. I've never even cracked the spine on a single issue of RMC. To me RMC is like the dark side of the moon, I have no idea what it looks like and I really want to see it.

    1. I was lucky to find one for "cheap" on eBay, I wish I could say the same for a few Mainline Modeler issues I want. Since a new publisher took over RMC it has gotten pretty good. The last few issues have featured Tom Patterson's Chesapeake, Wheeling & Erie layout that's listed in our blog lists. Since all the hobby shops are gone I get it at Acme #1 or Barnes & Noble.