Wednesday, March 11, 2015

NKP Caboose Colors

The photo for today's Wordless Wednesday is a really good example for the occasional debate that flares up on the Nickel Plate Road Yahoo Groups about the colors used on NKP cabooses. This typically centers on the incorrect use of white as the paint of choice for the stripe at the top containing the "High Speed Service" slogan when painting your models.

At first glance it does look white, but it is actually a light grey or aluminum if you compare the color used to paint the white "Nickel Plate Road" lettering just below the "not white" stripe.

Here are a couple more examples.

NKP Caboose 446 6-1964

NKP Caboose 1142 6-1964

NKP Caboose 1360 Chicago, IL April 6, 1957
The difference in the photo of #1360 shows that for sure a light, almost medium grey was used on that caboose.

With out this turning into a "is the dress white/gold or black/blue?" type of debate, I hope you can see a difference.

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