Monday, July 13, 2015

Construction Report July 12, 2015

A while back I showed how I was attaching new studs to a section of my basement walls. I also promised to show what I was up to as I continued along that wall and how I would meet the challenges in attaching those layout support studs. After finally completing a couple other non train-related projects, I was able to start work on the second wall section of layout support.

The next section contained some rather sturdy shelves that needed to be removed. They were stoutly constructed with a 2x4 frame for each shelf and 3/4 plywood for shelf tops. I grabbed my crowbar and quickly discovered whatever evil had built this shelving unit used 3 inch twist shank nails. The 2x4s may as well have been welded together. Removing the first few pieces of framing took almost all my effort...

While I really wanted to salvage as much wood as possible for reuse, I now just wanted to chop it up into tiny pieces with my cordless circular saw. Cooler heads prevailed and with my crowbar, hammer and a bottle of ibuprofen for later, I set to work.

WHY twist nails :(

Top two shelves removed
Done for the night, the kid is in bed.
A couple of hours later I had to stop for Brendan's bed time, but I had conquered the 2x4 shelves!

I discovered the bottom shelf was hiding a treasure trove of dust bunnies, cobwebs, dead spiders and bugs, a piece of plastic junky railroad track, one red hockey puck and the head of a giant pincer beetle.


Tearing it all out will also be a great opportunity to paint the last section of basement wall and that little bit of exposed floor. The new shelves I plan to install under the layout section will keep that floor open for easier cleaning.

Tomorrow I'll finish up with the last few pieces and start painting, assuming I can move my shoulders or arms.

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