Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Not So Wordless Wednesday #45

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. The past few weeks has seen me start an internship to complete my Associates Degree in Computer Information Systems this fall semester, work my normal job, attend the NKPHTS Buffalo 2015 Convention, and the NKPHTS W&LE Chapter Carrollton Branch Tour, and do all the other stuff life demands. I do hope to write a brief post about those two NKP trips.

I did manage to find some time to complete the layout support framing along the walls to the right of this previous project. A Construction Report will soon provide those details.

With the whole wall now ready for a layout shelf, I've eagerly squeezed in some time to tweak the Adena Yard plan for that space by making a full sized mock up on a long roll of paper with building footprints and the track layout. The plan follows the prototype very closely with only a few minor compromises. Even though I'm a computer science student I'd rather make full scale mock ups with scissors and construction paper than use any of the many fine software track design programs, go figure...

Here's a sneak peak at the west end of Adena Yard for today's very verbose Wordless Wednesday photo.

West end Adena Yard mock up

1 comment:

  1. Chris,

    Looking at the tracks shown, I was able to recognize the eastern end of the Adena Wye and the adjacent yard throat, Great Job!
    Looking forward to more progress in the future!

    Tim Moran