Saturday, April 2, 2016

Curves in all the Right Places

Yesterday we had some friends visiting from out of town who know what I'm building in the basement. I figured I should have something a little more exciting to show off than 20+ feet of bare pink foam and wood.

Not a very interesting sight to non-modelers.
I quickly laid out 15' of flex track following the penciled in mainline and using alligator clips wired up my NCE DCC Powercab. As I started making up a train to shuffle back and forth I realized this was also turing out to be a validation test of sorts with the space, track layout and potential train size.

Setting up a typical train at my planned 9-10' length including the engine and quickly proved that my design for Adena Yard works in size and visual space. The train will fit with room to spare in the siding track and the other yard tracks can be filled with good sized cuts of hopper cars.

A westbound coal drag bound for Jewett passing through Adena. With a lone Heavy Mikado it will be a mighty struggle against the uphill grade out of the Ohio River Valley.
Compared to the prototype, the bend in this model version of the yard is somewhat exaggerated but I absolutely love the look. The pronounced curve through the yard will really help to reinforce the idea of an Appalachian coal hauling railroad snaking along creeks and valleys.

While it may not seem like a big step it's little things like this that can help keep the creative fires going. Plus the visitors got a kick out of it later on.

Adena Yard above, usual construction mess below.
Today the train and flex track will be removed so work on adding the backdrop can begin before I get too far ahead myself.


  1. It is a mighty big step Chris and an excellent one! I understand why you like the "look" of the curve ... a very prototypical scene which gives us all a "hint" of what's to come ... great stuff!!

    1. Thanks Jim! No matter how many times it happens through this process, it seems I will always get a kick out seeing plans on paper come to life.

    2. Chris,
      This is a "signature" scene awaiting further development. What a great sight to see when entering your layout area! Thanks for sharing.