Thursday, May 12, 2016

Construction Report: May 12, 2016

It's been a wild few weeks since my last real construction update. I finally landed a new job working in the IT department of large national retailer. This starts what I hope to be a long and rewarding career in the IT field. This also means I haven't had much time to work on things as I settle into a new schedule but I've managed to get a little work done.

To advance the construction in the Adena Yard area I needed to cut and glue down the foam panels I'm using for the track and scenery base. I used DAP Paneling & Foam adhesive that I stocked up on while back during a Sears Hardware going out of business sale in my area.

I laid a bead of adhesive on my wood supports and spread it with a grooved putty knife. I probably used more than what was necessary because I went though the first tube pretty fast.

Adhesive bead down. The panel already in place was glued down the previous day or I would've coated the whole 1x3 with adhesive.
Adhesive spread. The foam here will be trimmed back to the 1x3 support.
In front of the gas meter I cut the paneling so in the future that part of the layout could be removed if the gas company needed greater access. Lets hope not. This section was glued down, but I figure I'll just slide a knife under the foam if the worst case scenario occurs.

Planning ahead, sort of...
The rest of the job is pretty self explanatory, the foam paneling was cut with a utility knife, glued in place then covered with anything heavy. My wife's collection of workout weights and several paint cans came to the rescue to hold the foam flat on the supports as the adhesive dried. You wouldn't expect this characteristic from foam but one of my panels had a slight bow across its width.

The next update I hope to have the foam built up to track level in the large wye area and the mainline laid through Adena. I'll also show off the rubber transmat material I plan on using for yards and other multi track areas.

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