Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wordless Wednesday #79

P&WV Caboose 802 at Mingo Jct, OH
Pittsburgh & West Virginia engines and cabooses could be found on trains running through the P&WV's connection with the Wheeling at Pittsburgh Junction to Brewster yard. The P&WV's line over the W&LE and the Ohio River at Mingo Junction was another location one could find their equipment on a interchange track that connected the two lines.


  1. Greetings Chris ... thanks for the great picture shot from an unusual angle. I've always thought the P&WV "emblem" was one of the classiest in all railroading. Neat photo of a neat railroad in a neat location!

    1. Thanks Jim! I've always been a fan of the P&WV or any small scrappy bridge route railroad for that matter.