Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wordless Wednesday #90

1906 Railroad Map of Ohio, focused on the W&LE in Harrison, Jefferson and Belmont Counties. Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum in Bellevue, OH 8/8/2016 Chris Ellis photo


  1. Hello Sir,
    I been working on a research project for a friend, And I been researching out the Adena Branch /Valley Sub. One of my questions, was there ever a wye located at Pittsburgh Junction? Thank you, Len.

    1. Thanks for visiting Len! As far as I know Pittsburg junction has always been just a spur from the W&LE mainline to the P&WV mainline, there has never been a wye at that junction to my knowledge. The geography of the area would've made a wye difficult with a very sharp inside curve. A long time ago here was a small three track yard on west side of Pittsburg Junction.

      The interchange track between the W&LE and P&WV at Mingo Junction on the Ohio River probably made it unnecessary for a wye at Pittsburg Junction to handle traffic headed back east to the river on the Wheeling.