Friday, March 29, 2019

Track work for Adena - Part 4

In this session I'll wrap up construction of Adena Yard with the the two final yard tracks and the spur for the Adena Mill and team track. I've added a track diagram from the W&LE Valuation maps so everybody knows what is what in these blog posts. Red marks the tracks added.

Click on this sentence for the valuation maps for the entire W&LE at Rails and Trails's website.

Tracks added in this blog post 3-21-19, Valuation Map from

The last two shorter tracks south of the main need their west end turnouts and track laid. Here you can see the marks made with a silver sharpie to help position the tie strips and the turnouts once the adhesive caulk is spread. You can also see an invasion of my Son's modern equipment in the yard which I'm sure will cause some kind of time dimension paradox.

Below you can see the turnouts are now spiked down with the other yard tracks in place and connected to the turnouts.

While testing the two new turnouts I was concerned that particularly bad derailment could cause a quick trip to the floor. So I cut a strip of Plexiglas to serve as a barrier not only to a derailment but also an errant elbow or laundry basket. This step also pointed out the need for a layout fascia.

Due to the volume of hoppers that Adena handled there was a small RIP (repair in place) track that serviced the yard. This track extended from the bottom turnout that I just installed. Since I'm not sure of the final positioning or length yet, I left the track loose and unpowered for now.

Adena Yard RIP Track
In this photo of W&LE 6805 in Adena Yard, the RIP track can be seen to the far right with what looks like a Pennsylvania H-21 hopper sitting all alone on it. The other track that disappears to the right is the lead for the team and mill tracks.That's a great photo of the yard as well, check out the old caboose or car body acting as the car repair shed. The white fencing and pole lights surrounds the Adena High School football field.

W&LE 6805 in Adena Yard
I added the mill and team tracks in the same way, I left them both loose but I powered the team track as engines were often put on that track in between assignments. The foot print of the Adena Mill is to scale from Google Maps measurements. Last I saw in 2016, it was one of the few track side structures still standing.

Adena team and mill tracks.
And with that all major track work in Adena Yard is complete! Next up I start work on the Adena wye.

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