Monday, January 23, 2017

Construction Report: January 22, 2017 Redux

In the comments for yesterday's Construction Report , Jeff questioned the access to the lower right panel screw for the Breaker Box. That section of the benchwork was attached in a slightly different position than it was built for and did not clear the fuse box as designed. Since I could still open the panel door I thought nothing of it. However after reading Jeff's comments I double checked access to the screw and found that while "I" could get to it, I'm not sure an Electrician could or more importantly would want to.

I don't relish the idea of undoing any part of the layout but this had to be done should we ever need an electrician to open up the breaker box.

Don't worry, I did not saw while holding my phone, I took this to show Jeff what trouble he caused. Actually I'm thankful he pointed it out.
The rebuild didn't take very long. I chopped off about 3 inches and screwed the end plate back on. Then I just had to find a larger piece of plywood from my stash leftover from demolishing the old shelving structures when prepping the basement for the layout. I was all done in course of an hour not counting dinner.

Fully clear
The old vs the New
Because the gap now measures 19 inches, I'll take a look at bracing the plywood somehow to prevent any future sagging.

In other construction news, yesterday I also started the "future" expansion section for an engine terminal for Pine Valley. I started now partly to help figure out the overall track layout of the permanent section where the Yard Office is located as seen in Wordless Wednesday #111.

Again a 1x4 wood structure and birch plywood end plates to mate with the permanent section comprise the basic construction. When finished it will be 6 feet long and around 40 inches deep at it's widest narrowing to 12 inches at the far end. I still need to add a box frame for where the Walthers 110' Turntable will go.

Benchwork and paper turntable for planning.
Here's a look at what the track layout might resemble.

Model Pine Valley Engine Terminal version 3 or 4?
Here's the prototype to help figure things out.

Prototype Pine Valley Engine Terminal circa 1947
Ambitious? Like other my other ideas for the layout probably, but I also plan to not be in a rush to build this part as it's not critical for operations at first. Then again I didn't think I would build any of it yet and here is a major chunk of it sitting on my basement floor.

Hopefully I can lay some foam down next on the permanent parts and maybe some legs for the engine terminal.

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