Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wordless Wednesday #112

I love doing mockups as a proof of concept, a progress report or sometimes just as a sanity check. On the permanent part of Pine Valley there is now room for two mine runs and their cabooses to await orders on the main line. Compare this view to the one at the end of the Construction Report for January 8th. The chunk of 1x4 is the Grocery Distributor :)


  1. Looks GREAT! I can almost smell the locomotives and see the coal dust ... congrats on the excellent progress. Incidentally, do you know of anyone - or place - that has WLE Cabooses for sale? Thanks for the inspirational pictures and work Chris.

    1. Thanks Jim! I'm afraid the W&LE Atlas cabooses a very hard to find. I feel lucky to get my two Atlas Wheeling Cabooses years ago. Anytime I see one on eBay it seems to go for near brass prices, same for the NKP painted version. I actually wrote Atlas asking for a rerun for the NKP and W&LE paint schemes.