Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wordless Wednesday #111

807 and the 805 at the Pine Valley Yard Office, Dillonvale, OH 1952


  1. Now here's a picture that makes you want to "model" right? The building to the right of the picture/tracks has always intrigued me. Somewhere I have a photo of a reefer spotted there. Pine Valley ... great place ... thanks for the memories Chris!

    1. Yep it definitely is a motivation photo! That building is a Grocery Distributor, possibly A&P and I do plan on including it. I have a photo of the inside which is pretty interesting and I also have photos of reefers and boxcars parked at the loading dock. The January 1979 Railfan & Railroad article about Wheeling #8 district shows a Santa Fe Reefer in the siding.