Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Harbringer of Fall

I consider myself very fortunate that I not only live near the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad but that they have hosted the Fort Wayne Historical Society's steam engine, the Nickel Plate Road Berkshire #765, every year except once since 2010.

Just about every September/October I get treated to the sights and sounds of steam and smoke from a real surviving steam engine of my favorite railroad.  Typically during the 765's stay in "The Valley" the season starts to shift, signaled by those bright cloudless sky blue days and the occasional cool misty rains that make you dig up that warm hoodie you haven't worn since spring.

The 765's arrival in Akron today invoked that feeling of Fall for me with those sounds and smells, and also that strong afternoon sun which accompanies the march toward autumn. Brendan and I have always tried to be there when it arrives and today was no different.

Brendan and the NKP 765, Peninsula, OH, 9-10-2015 Chris Ellis photo

 I believe there are still seats available for the next three weekends of trips starting September 19th. If you live in the area come and ride or just come to watch!

Welcome back 765!


  1. I rode it last year so I probably won't do that again, but I'll get down there sometime next weekend for photos when it comes into Akron. They have a twitter feed for it if it comes into town again before that.

    I notice it will be at Akron the day of the marathon again. It was kind of funny a couple years ago it was sitting below the Y-Bridge chuffing steam and smoke up on the bridge while runners were crossing it.

  2. We plan on riding it with some friends on the last weekend the 765 is here so that will be fun. My wife is running in the half marathon which goes across the Y Bridge so I'll let her know about the potential cinder bath!