Monday, September 14, 2015

Nickel Plate Road Modeler's Notebook

A few days ago my first published article, "Choices: Wheeling & Lake Erie Offset Hoppers in HO Scale", was released in the September issue of the Nickel Plate Road Modeler's Notebook! It’s pretty much a slightly expanded version of my blog post on the same subject with more data, prototype photos and new pictures of the hopper models. The improved model photos were taken on my new scenery test module, which was one of the driving reasons for building it.

The September and other issues are available here but only members of the NKPHTS can access that page and download the PDF file from the website. There's hope that will change in the future to match the practices of other Historical Societies making their modeling publications available for free online. 

I won't deny it's quite a thrill to see your name on an article you wrote in a publication, be it online or in print. The Modeler's Notebook Editor Ray Breyer is always looking for more content for the Notebook. So if you have any NKP or W&LE related modeling that you want to write about, drop him a line at

If you haven't done so lately or at all, check out the Modeler's Corner at the website for the latest NKP model releases, a tiny preview of the Modeler's Notebook for non-members and the very informative All-Time, All-Scale NKP Models List.

Thanks again to Ray for contacting me about making my blog post into an article for the magazine and for all the work that he and others have done with the Modeler's Notebook. 


  1. That's great that you got published from something off your blog.

    I was checking out the preview of the Modeler's Notebook from your link above and I have to give a couple plugs about 2 of the Bachmann models in there. I remember a few years ago I always thought of Bachmann products as being "low budget = low quality" but I have to say their more recent stuff is actually pretty good and still not that expensive. I have the Bachmann Berkshire in NKP but mine is 763 not 765. I really like the model, the detail is nice and it runs good. The only thing I didn't like about it was the decoder that came with my model had no sound and didn't have a lot of programming options on board. I replaced the Bachmann decoder with a TCS non-sound decoder more for the experience of doing it than anything else. Once I had the TCS decoder in there, the locomotive ran even better than it did before since now I could program the voltage levels with the throttle steps.

    The Bachmann S-2 switcher is also another great model for a not-so-expensive price. My model is B&O not NKP. It came with DCC & sound right out of the box. I like the sound and the operation and it is a good looking model. I put NWSL code 64 wheelsets on it, again more for the experience than anything, and it looks even better with the prototype wheels on it now.

    Anyway, congrats on the article and I'm definitely going to check into NKPHTS.

  2. Thanks Jeff!
    Yeah I totally agree with you on Bachmann. Starting with their Spectrum 2-8-0 they've only gotten better with each release. I usually try to stand up for them in any discussion due to their good running Berkshire and especially the 2-6-6-2 which without would make it even harder to model the Adena area under steam. I'd love one of their B&O EM-1s but it would be very difficult to rationalize that purchase.

    Check out the society, and also join the NKP and NICKELPLATEROADmodeler Yahoo Groups, there's several people with a ton of Cleveland knowledge.