Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wordless Wednesday #114

Long Run Tunnel (rough spotting) to Pine Valley Yard


  1. Chris will you be modeling Herrick Yard also? Interesting view from Long Run to Pine Valley ... how much of a run is it? Incidentally, are you going to attempt to model the Dillonvale Depot? Quite a unique structure. Good work ... glad to see the progress!

    1. After beginning to review a Dispatchers sheet from 1950 I'm really wishing I had the room for Herrick yard. It was busier than I imagined with the turns from Brewster dropping off empty gons, hoppers or iron ore. As is Adena and Pine Valley will have to share that role.

      I might be able to do something with the Dillonvale Station. It might just be nothing more than thin slice of it, well see.