Thursday, February 2, 2017

Wordless Wednesday #113

Little late..
633 headed east out of Pine Valley Yard, notice the Coal Dock at right. Dillonvale, OH 4-15-1950


  1. Very interesting Chris. Usually don't see photos from the EAST end of Pine Valley ... is this the "inclined" coal dock? Thanks again for sharing these great and rare photos.

    1. You're welcome Jim and you're right this is a very unusual viewpoint, only one like it I've seen. If you type 633 in the "Search this Blog" search bar near the top right you can see the photographer followed the 633 in picking up it's train with the P&WV hopper at Pine Valley and then again at Warrenton getting orders as it heads north to maybe the Tidd Power Plant or Mingo Jct. And that is the inclined coal dock, or as my son and I call it the "Rollercoaster" :)