Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Construction Report: January 31, 2017

Not a whole lot to report this week, I've reached the point with the benchwork at Pine Valley Yard where I can start laying foam.

I had a couple of ideas to use structures on either side of each stair frame opening to help take the eye off the fact the yard essentially goes through a large wide tunnel. In order to make this idea work the layout needed to surround the corner stair frame. So I cut a couple lengths of 1x2s to help support the foam and began measuring and cutting foam to fit the space. I also attached the end plate for the permanent section.

I won't glue the foam down just yet, it has been easier to line up the foam pieces on the floor to plan the track layout due to the stair "tunnel". FYI, there will be no turnouts under the stairs, that would just invite trouble. If you haven't read Chris Adam's "The Valley Local" blog through my links of favorite blogs at the left, then at least read "Weekend Working through the Punch List". That post has made me reevaluate certain design aspects of my layout for sure!

I also took a moment to finally glue down the foam panel for the east end of Adena Yard.

Next up is taking the foam around the corner and behind the furnace to link up with the "over the washer/water heater" section.


  1. I've "learned" that when you say "not a whole lot has taken place," that really means progress is being made. I think it is amazing what you are accomplishing while taking care of a family and career concerns. Pretty amazing stuff "Mr. Chris" all things considered. Congratulations and continued best wishes ... I am enjoying the "vicarious journey!"

  2. Great progress Chris and thanks for the shout-out! I never want to be "that guy" who always makes "helpful" suggestions which usually start with "all ya gotta do is....." so I'm glad if something I said helped you in your design (and hopefully didn't cause too much extra work %^) Really enjoying seeing this project coming along so nicely!

    1. Thanks again Chris, I didn't have anything yet to redo based on your blog post, just some cautious rethinking. Learn from the mistakes of others, it's free right ?! :)